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ۼ : 13-01-09 14:37
Registered the Business of steel components construction
 ۾ : 최고관리자
ȸ : 10,128  
Kwangyoung is now qualified with performing steel frame work by achieving the technical license for Business of steel components construction on 12th Dec 2012.

o, the number of construction business license Kwangyoung currently holding is total 6, Machanical facility work, the 1st level of Gas facility work, Electrical work, fire-fighting facilities installation work, Information and communication work, including the Business of steel components construction that Kwangyoung recently has achieved.

Kwangyoung is now fully qualified with performing Turnkey base construction and multi-machinery construction including steel frame based work. With this progress, Kwangyoung is looking forward to its continuously growing by having more opportunities to expand the project orders in near future.