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ۼ : 13-01-09 14:36
Registered a patent of Insulation structure
 ۾ : 최고관리자
ȸ : 9,884  
the patent application for the Insulation structure of Storage tank has been officially registered on 28th Nov, 2012.

The New skills of the Insulation construction was joint-developed with our cooperative company, 'SK Innovation' and these new construction methods are currently being applied for actual on-going construction projects. The registered patent of the Insulation construction was a lot improved its quality of composition. By applying these new innovative construction methods, Kwangyoung is expecting to enhance cost-competitiveness and commercialization of their own skills, that will eventually promote economic growth in the related industries. 

Kwangyoung is currently holding 4 domestic & international intellectual property rights that are related to the patent of the Insulation construction methods.